I’m looking to join a Startup

Nikolay Tsenkov
2 min readJun 8, 2019

I’m looking to join an early-stage startup with a big vision, on a technical (Software Engineering) role.

My priorities:

  1. I have to believe it’s a unicorn opportunity.
  2. It should be early (< 50 employees, ideally <10), but there has to be some funding (12months of runaway or more).

Here is a bit more about me…

Technical Expertise

I’m a swiss army knife as an engineer with pretty wide expertise.
Here are the technologies I’ve used most recently:

  • Web: Node, MongoDB, Strapi, Nuxt, Vue, Angular, ES2018, HTML5, Stylus/CSS3
  • Dev-ops: Kubernetes, Docker, kops, Helm, Prometheus, Grafana, sh/bash, AWS (but I try to stay cloud-agnostic)
  • Cross-platform:
    — native: C/C++, JUCE
    — hybrid: Cordova
  • Analytics: Amplitude, GA
  • In Audio & DSP I have experience with: FFT, Fast Convolution (NUPOLS, UPOLS), Sampling (DFD Streaming);
  • Graphics: Photoshop, Pixelmator.

Entrepreneurial experience

I’ve been building my own products for the last 6 years.

My work has been on the front page on Hacker News and has been covered by mainstream press.

I know how (and when) to:

  • do things that don’t scale (the initial venture into the unknown), piercing through hard problems, building MVP’s and looking for PMF;
  • AND design & build strong foundations.

Just in the last 11 months:

Where I still suck

  1. [as an entrepreneur] Fund-raising, Sales and Building Teams;
  2. [as an engineer] Reciting Algorithm & Data Structure implementation, recalling names of Design Patterns I actively use, memory size of data structures on different platforms and similar interview trivia.
  3. [as a person] Arguing with people caring more about their ego than solving a problem.
  4. … and likely a bunch of other things I’m unaware of. :)

What I’m looking for

Software Engineer, VP of Engineering, CTO and/or technical co-founder — all of these opportunities interest me.

I want to help build a unicorn company, so:

  1. I’m mission-driven;
  2. Equity is more important to me than salary;
  3. I’ll relocate ASAP, but remote works, too (currently, I’m in Sofia, Bulgaria);
  4. I’m prepared to spend 5+ years, 60h a week, on this next venture;
  5. I’m pretty agnostic to specific industries.

If you are interested or would like to make an intro — I’ll be happy to chat!

Nikolay Tsenkov
1-page Résumé: https://tsenkov.net/docs/nikolay-tsenkov-cv.pdf